Junk Cars


Every day, you get in your vehicle and drive to work, complete your errands or visit your loved ones. Fortunately, most of those trips are completed without a hitch, but there are so many things that can go wrong on the road. You can get locked out of your vehicle, you might run out of gas or your tire goes flat after you accidentally run over a nail. You can even be involved in a more dangerous occurrence, such as an accident or a vehicle breakdown. Since there are so many unknowns when you get behind the wheel, it pays to keep the R1 Towing roadside assistance phone number handy.

Our company proudly serves the general area of Antioch, TN, so we can come help you regardless of where your problem occurs. There are many reasons why it's important to keep a roadside assistance phone number on hand. First, it allows you to get help as quickly as possible. Imagine that your vehicle breaks down in an unfamiliar part of town in the middle of the night. You want to be able to contact a reliable company like R1 Towing right away instead of spending time searching for the right phone number. Choosing R1 Towing in advance also lets you do the necessary research when you are not in a time crunch. Our company offers reasonable rates for roadside assistance services, but unfortunately, this is not true of all businesses. When you check out companies in advance, you have the time to compare rates and services without feeling rushed.

Towing needs to be varied depending on the customer and R1 Towing tows everything from junk cars to luxury vehicles. We treat each vehicle with care and we have perfected the skill of towing without damaging. Whether you are towing junk cars to a seller or you need your family vehicle towed to a local repair shop, give R1 Towing a call.