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Want to know the great part about calling R1 for all your Nashville Towing & Roadside Assistance needs? We have 9 years of experience working accident recoveries, transporting wrecked vehicles, and assisting the residents of central Tennessee with tire changeouts along our busy interstates.

Nashville tow trucks need to be in excellent mechanical shape as well as insured. Our state-of-the-art late model flatbed & rollback trucks are maintained & serviced regularly. Delivering your vehicle and YOU from point A to point B safely is our #1 priority

The bottom line is this. We care. We have the experience. We care about Nashville. We live here too. We have a family, and therefore we understand you want to get home safely to your family as we do ours too. 

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Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance in Nashville is something I hope you don’t need. Should you find yourself stranded along the road here in central Tennesse give us a call quickly at (615) 810-6423.

If it can be done safely, try to get your vehicle off the road as far as possible. If you have to get out of our car try to from the passenger side. For your safety don’t flag drivers down…there are just too many weirdos out there today. We want you back on the road quickly & safely. If you feel threatened in any way call 911 or the Tennessee State Patrol immediately.

Our roadside services include but are not limited to tire change out, battery jump, vehicle lock-outs, out of gas, towing, etc. We assist stranded motorists as well as motorcycle enthusiasts, truckers, and RV’ers. Learn more about our Roadside Assistance here.

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Emergency Towing

One thing I've learned about Nashville. It is a busy, fast-paced city. Important to-do items like a car tune-up, battery checks, and tires rotated probably get neglected.

Those pre-mentioned items will go a long way in avoiding an emergency tow service here in the Music City.

Should you need an emergency tow truck dispatched to your location give us a ring and we will be there shortly. While waiting on us to arrive please turn on your hazards. This will signal to the incoming motorist to slow down as they near your vehicle.

Stay alert and aware of the circumstances around you. Don’t accept a ride from a passerby stranger. We want to be your go-to 24 HR emergency towing service…should you ever need us.

Additional Recovery & Roadside Services We Perform

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Car Lockout

Hey, we understand. Frankly, there is nothing more frustrating than locking your keys in the car. Give us a ring and we can quickly dispatch someone out to retrieve your keys.

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Flat Tire Changeout

There is never a good time for a flat tire...and they seem to always happen at the wrong time. We can promptly run to anywhere in the Nashville area and change that tire out for you.

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Car Battery Jump

A dead car battery is a pain in the...arse. If your car won't crank over give us a call here at R1 Towing and we will bring the booster pack. You will be back on the road in no time.

What Ya Think Of Our Reviews On Google?

Obviously, after reading about our reviews on know we care about you. Running these tow trucks and helping this community is what we love.

The people make this place the best place in the world to live. We would be honored to serve you should you ever need a Nashville Towing Company to retrieve, recover or transport your car.







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What does typical roadside assistance or towing service call look like?

First, let me clarify that the difference between calling for a tow truck versus roadside assistance is really null and void. Typically both are one and the same. 

Most of the tows we perform for transport cost between $75 - $125, but every case is different. There are unique factors that can sway those costs, though like:

How many miles are we transporting the vehicle?

Is it a heavy-duty truck, machinery, or a motorcycle?

If you break down, the first thing you want to do is “what not to do.” Do not panic! Everything will be fine. Just breathe. Next, you will want to call us at (615) 810-6423 & get a Nashville Tow Truck dispatched and en route to your location asap.

The driver will ask you a few questions so he can pinpoint your location. You will need to be ready to give your name and the year, make & color of your car or truck. The exact address of your location will be required unless you're stranded on one of our busy interstates. 

If the case is that you are broke down in an unknown location, try to look for landmarks or highway mileage markers. This information will significantly help the driver and speed up our response time. 


7 Questions To Ask A Towing Company

Driving a tow truck is a technical and sometimes stressful job with hardly any room for mistakes. That said if you have been in a situation where you need a tow truck, working with a reliable towing company can save you time and money. Even so, finding a reputable wrecker service that delivers is never easy.


Most companies offering roadside assistance tend to provide the same services. Generally, this makes it hard for you to choose the most qualified towing company, particularly when anxieties are running high. Knowing what to ask before hiring any type of roadside assistance can help you identify what characteristics make the company you're considering stand out.


This post will highlight some critical questions to ask a towing company before ordering a service.


  1. What sort of time frame for arrival?


Are you stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken-down engine or flat tire? You need instant help. This is extremely important if your car breaks down at night or blocks traffic.


Most companies promise to arrive at your location in 30 minutes or less. Even so, it is good to ask so you can hold them to their word.


  1. What kind of vehicles do you tow?


Some towing companies may have restrictions on the kind of vehicles they can tow. For this reason, it is imperative to know if the company you are considering is capable of towing your car, or company fleet.


When calling, be sure to provide specific details of your car. This will save you and the towing company time. Don't forget we transport classic cars if needed. We have more info by clicking here.


  1. In which region is the company licensed to operate?


First off, you should NEVER work with a towing company that is not registered. You want to be sure you have someone to go to should anything happen.


It also makes perfect sense to deal with a company licensed to operate in your location. A local company is likely to know even the most interior places.


  1. How trained is the company staff?


Reputable towing companies hold their staff to high standards of conduct, and in most cases, they ensure to employ trained staff. Other companies also train their staff.


Whichever the case, you don't want to assume that the staff has training. Ask to be sure that the company will tow your car without causing damage on the way.


  1. What kind of tow trucks does the company use?


There are four varieties of tow trucks: flatbed, integrated, hook and chain, and wheel lift towing trucks. Different situations call for different trucks, so make sure the company has the right truck to tow your vehicle safely.


  1. Can you provide an upfront cost estimate?


While towing costs are likely to be covered by your insurance provider, it makes perfect sense to know how much the service will cost. Some companies have standardized prices, while others vary depending on individual situations.


Importantly, even if a company cannot give the exact estimate, they should be able to offer a rough estimate that won't significantly differ from the actual cost.


  1. Where will you take my car?


Any professional Nashville towing company should be able to take your car to the destination of your preference, even if it's across the country. This should be your insurer's preferred mechanic or your mechanic of choice in many cases.


Should you be in an unfamiliar place, the tow service can store your car in their yard or recommend a mechanic.



For reliable, prompt, and affordable towing service in Nashville, call us at (615) 810-6423. We offer 24-hour wrecker services for a vast range of vehicles.