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The Affordable Nashville Tow Truck Service

When it comes to choosing a Nashville tow truck service your options are plentiful. So are the levels of experience!
R1 Towing is the best when it comes to wrecker service, emergency towing, affordable towing service and junking cars. We have been in the business for years so you can be certain that we will know that proper steps to help you no matter what predicament you seem to be stuck in. R1 Towing takes pride in the work that we do and we always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are always ready for your call, 24/7.

A Little About Us

We have been in the business long enough to know the solutions to common issues that get people stranded on the road. If you experience a lockout, we have the expert knowledge needed to get your car opened in a timely manner with little issues. If you run into any other type of issues, you can rest assured that we have seen that specific type of problem before and that we are well equipped to take care of it. Next time you find yourself in a tough situation, call us and we will do the best to get you out. R1 Towing takes pride in the work that we do and we always strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are always ready for your call, 24/7.

Our Tow Company Services

This is the great part about calling us. We are not limited to only transporting wrecked vehicles and highway breakdowns! If you need it hauled, we can tow it for you. We transport everything from sheds and small buildings, to jobsite dumpsters, RV’s, motorcycles, exotic cars, low profile vehicles, printing presses, and even some strange things like commercial Pizza ovens! Yes, you name it….we can tow it.

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Car lockout Service:
There are not many emotions more gut wrenching than when your looking in your purse or pockets for your car keys while peering in the windows and low and behold you spot them…in the ignition!

Don’t feel bad, and there is no need to feel embarrassed. We have all done it. If you have not ever locked your keys in your car then do not worry. You will.

We are the fastest affordable Nashville car lockout service in the area. You will be back in the driver’s seat in no time. Give us a call today

Roadside Assistance
Roadside service is another one of those unforeseen circumstances that you really never think about until of course…you need it.

Call is bad luck, but it seems typically your car never breaks down or runs out of gas except when your in a hurry. R1 Towing has fast ETA’s and affordable Nashville roadside assistance. Our 24 Hour fuel delivery, flat tire repair, and battery jumpstart service will have you back on the highway in a timely fashion.

Exotic Cars towing

Exotic car towing & vintage automobile transporting falls in a class all by itself. Common sense would tell you with an investment like this ya don’t want to mess around with some knock of fly by night low rate tow truck driver who thinks he just hit the jackpot because you’re driving a valuable piece of American history.

Make the educated call and follow your gut on this one! We have the experience, and you can have piece of mind. Call us if you need your antique car towed or moved safely  and affordably to a different location.

Nashville Towing Company Service Areas

We proudly tow vehicles in the Greater Nashville Area, including Antioch, Brentwood, Franklin, Gallatin, Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Hermitage, La Vergne, Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Murfreesboro, and Smyrna.