Historic Travellers Rest Historic House Museum

Historic Travellers Rest Historic House Museum


The Travellers Rest, also known as Golgotha, is a historical site in Nashville, Tennessee. John Overton bought the property in 1796 and built his family’s first home there in 1799. Black people were enslaved and worked the land. The Overtons were able to afford a house and other necessities of life, but they did so at the cost of enslaved Black people. It is located at 636 Farrell Pkwy, Nashville, TN 37220.

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The Travellers Rest, Tennessee was first built in 1799 by Judge John Overton, a friend of Andrew Jackson and co-founder of Memphis. Overton named the property Golgotha, a place of prehistoric skulls found in the area. The Overtons were pro-Union, and the home eventually served as the headquarters for General John Bell Hood, commander of the Army of Tennessee. The Overtons remained in the house, which was then remodeled and turned into a museum in 1887.

The museum is open every day from 10am to 5pm. Admission is free and there are no admission fees. A tour of the property includes the house and grounds. During the Civil War, the Homestead was a major battleground. The homestead is beautifully preserved, and today’s visitor can see some of the Civil War artifacts that were donated by members of the Battle of Nashville. There is a gift shop at the Travellers Rest which sells many BONT publications.

The travellers rest house is the oldest house in the city. It is located near Franklin Road, but the name has been changed to reflect its location. It has been an important place in American history since the mid-nineteenth century. Whether it is for an elegant wedding, a special event, or a family vacation, you’re sure to be inspired by the story and artifacts on display here.

The building is the oldest in Tennessee and is part of the Travellers Rest Plantation & Museum. The overton family was prominent in the state and hosted important figures including Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston. The Overton family was famous for its hospitality, and the house is still a great place to visit. Moreover, the Overtons lived on the property until 1833.

The museum has a history of over a century. The home of a renowned artist is housed in the same house. Overton’s era had many influences on the history of the area. The music of this town is rich in tradition and music. The culture is a must-see for visitors. Its rich heritage and cultural background make it one of the top tourist destinations in Tennessee.

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