Nashville Tow Truck

Considering the circumstances, getting your vehicle towed can be a good experience…or an experience you would like to forget. We can’t speak for every situation in all cities. We can, though, help you if you're traveling thru Tennessee and need a Nashville tow truck. 

Choosing the wrong wrecker service is a possible risk to your car. R1 knows there are many local towing services to call when you have an emergency breakdown.  In other words, tow companies are quite numerous here in Davidson County, both qualified and unqualified. 


Here are a few items to keep in mind to ensure you don't choose an unqualified towing company.


1. Are they licensed & appropriately insured?


If you want to be sure the company you have to choose is legit, you need to consider it through reviewing their operating license and insurance authorization. In other words, is the company you want to choose authorized by the government to perform tow truck services?


2. Experience


How long has the company been offering towing services? It seems many tow trucks in Nashville appear & disappear over time.  If the company has a long experience record ( check out their tow company reviews), then you are probably in good hands.

R1 has been working towing and recovery accidents, roadside assistance breakdowns, tire changes, and battery jumpstarts for 11 years. We have been here, and we are staying here. They have successfully interacted with different towing cargo services. But it doesn't mean towing service companies with low experience records are unworthy of transporting your car; what is more considerable is the ability to ensure cargo is transported safely to its destination.


3. Market Reputation


The market reputation of a company measures the extent to which it has satisfied its client base. For a local tow service, you can consider the online reviews of how the company has built its reputation to individuals living around Nashville. Positive reviews from an external authority  for the most part prove the trustworthiness of the company. 


4. Customer Support


Have you ever called a towing company, and the dispatcher made you feel like you were a burden?  I think some of these roadside service companies forget who pays the bills.

When you're broke down along the highway, it can be a little frightening. I’m sure you have tens of dozens of questions about what steps you should take. For instance, I’m sure you would like to know when your vehicle will be picked up, arrive at the mechanic shop, or the kind of tow truck transporting your ride.
These are great questions, and you deserve to have those questions answered swiftly and professionally. 


R1 tow truck drivers will gladly answer all your concerns. 


5. What the company offers as far as different towing services


Many different factors can determine your decision when choosing a transport or recovery company. As you consider whether the company will best fit the services you need or not, is the towing service you need in the list of that company?

Different companies may offer various towing services. Some are better equipped with heavy-duty tow trucks, while others are staffed and equipped for cross-country towing.  Therefore, it is good to check the company's rate and services packages or contact them for some inquiries.


Here are some wrecker services provided by R1 Towing that you may need;



Fix flat tire



Emergency road services



Auto lockout services



Dead car battery services/replacement/ jumpstart



Junk car removals



Long-distance towing



24h towing



Heavy-duty towing



Roadside assistance



Out of gas services


6. The cost


Pretty simple here. While every situation is different, your towing cost in Nashville can be anywhere from $75-$125 and up. It really depends on how many miles you will need your vehicle transported. Terms of costs. Different towing companies charge towing services differently and according to specific conditions, for instance, the hook-up fees, miles, areas, and even weather conditions.


7. Availability of the Tow Truck & Driver


Is the company's tow truck reliable, or will it cause delays? When choosing the company, you need to find out the quality of their tow trucks. The conditions of those trucks will tell how reliable the company is and whether they are 24/7 available for towing services. Does the company display THEIR OWN trucks on their websites? Or do they only use generic stock images?

If you see an R1 tow truck in Nashville, just know we are legit….11 years and going strong is evidence that our customers know good value!.