Nashville Towing Companies VS Roadside Assistance

Nashville Towing Companies

nashville tow companies versus the roadside assistance programs

According to the owners of some Nashville towing companies, roadside assistance towing services are operated without financial accountability, exposing motorists to financial dangers. Because of the hazards associated with using Roadside Towing Assistance Programs, motorists should proceed with caution while using such services. The improvement of technology and legislative changes have resulted in motorists being held liable for any damages to their vehicles.

Motorists are unsure which tow services in Nashville to call because newer vehicles are equipped with traction control systems, carbon fiber and aluminum frames, and other high-tech computer technology. They rely on roadside assistance programs to safely transport their vehicles to repair facilities.

Roadside Assistance Issues In Middle Tennessee

These roadside help schemes, on the other hand, are the most inconvenient for motorists to utilize since they fail to pay the rates required to cover training, equipment, and operating costs. Roadside assistance schemes rely on third-party dispatch businesses, which profit by dispatching towing services for insurance companies and automobile manufacturers on their behalf.

The driver is frequently forced to pay twice the fee. On average, these programs pay a relatively cheap towing service in Nashville for two hookups, which does not cover the costs of gasoline, equipment, training, and other fees associated with operating within legal guidelines.

As a result, the motorist is exposed to financial risks when an accident occurs. According to some insurance risk consumer agencies, the motorist/vehicle owner is solely responsible for the financial obligations associated with the payment for services. If a motorist has an issue, he or she must deal with the towing company.

Expect to pay extra for roadside assistance towing services due to the current war situation in Ukraine & Russia.


With diesel fuel prices per gallon going thru the roof, and motor oil in short supply, the roadside assistance services will force motorists to bear the burden of these prices.

Nashville tow companies must cover all expenditures, including operational charges and additional fees. Roadside assistance plans do not cover the price of labor or necessary equipment, which frequently damages the car. Whenever damage occurs, roadside programs conceal themselves behind convoluted vendor contracts that prevent them from accountability, leaving the driver to deal with the situation on his or her dime.

The claim procedure for commercial transportation insurance claims takes an average of 90 days to complete, and claims are either refused outright or settled for a fraction of the claim value in most cases.

In most cases, when a driver calls for a tow truck, they believe they are dealing with the vehicle manufacturer or their insurance provider. Still, in reality, they are chatting with a contact center. Inexperienced operators are oblivious to the equipment requirements, associated costs, and legal implications, and as a result, they frequently provide false information to motorists about services and costs.

As a result, a motorist may be left with an outstanding bill for noncovered services because the programs do not cover manufacturer equipment and labor. To protect themselves from liability risk, roadside assistance businesses have ceased direct telephone connection with tow providers and motorists in favor of the use of smartphone applications or internet software.


Due to the lack of companies holding themselves accountable and the amount of time it takes for roadside help to get on the scene, you should not use roadside assistance towing programs.

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