Nashville Zoo at Grassmere


The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is a zoological garden and historic plantation farmhouse located six miles south of Downtown in Middle Tennessee. In 2014, it was ranked the number one paid attraction in middle Tennessee, containing over 6,230 individual animals and 339 species. It is an estimated 188 acres in size. If you are visiting the city, make sure you include this attraction in your itinerary!


The zoo at Grassmere Nashville combines an urban setting with a historical farm and a zoological garden. The zoo is a great place to bring the whole family. The zebra enclosure, home to an endangered clouded leopard, has a large net that allows kids to climb it. There are also slithering snakes, lemurs, and zebras. The jungle gym is a 66,000 square-foot wooden play area that will keep the kids busy for hours. There are super slides, baby swings, and a shaded pavilion for the smallest zoogoers.


The historic house, which has been renovated, houses the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. The original home, built by Michael Dunn, was constructed with slave labor. His great-great-grandchildren, Elise Croft and Margaret Dunn Croft, are the only living descendants of Michael and Jane Dunn. In 1989, archaeologists surveyed the site for archaeological resources, and found an unmarked cemetery near the entrance to Grassmere off of Nolensville Road. Construction of the Zoo did not disturb the graveyard.


The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is about a half-mile drive from downtown Nashville. It is accessible from Interstate 65, and it offers a variety of activities for all ages. Children will enjoy the carousel rides, and adults will love the play area and interactive exhibits. Admission is $14 for children age two and older, and $18 for adults. The zoo's Adventure Science Center features over 175 interactive exhibits.

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The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is a popular family destination with a diverse array of exhibits. It is a favorite among children, and the zoo at Grassmere is located just six miles southeast of downtown Nashville. There are several zoos in the area, but the one at Grassmere is the most popular.


The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere features an aviary and a veterinary clinic. The zoo's new zipline, called the Soaring Eagle, is 110 feet high and has the latest zipline design. The Soaring Eagle lifts two people at a time at a speed of 28 miles per hour. Unlike other zoos, the Soaring is not cheap. Nonetheless, it is a worthwhile experience for families, and is one of the most unique and exciting zoos in the United States.


The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is the 9th largest zoo in the country. The zoo was originally located in Joelton, Tennessee, but it was closed in 1998 when the Grassmere site was built. Today, the Nashville Zoo has contributed to nearly 50 conservation projects, including saving coral and combating wildlife trafficking. The zoo supports over 350 animals, which is an impressive accomplishment for any zen-like zoo.

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